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Find iDevices - Find my iPhone

Разработчик SimplerApps
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Premium. Supports all IOS versions If you like to find your iPhone/Apple iDevices(iPhone, iPad, macbook etc.,) in Android (similar to Apple's “Find my iPhone”), this app will get the job done quickly and securely for you.View all devices from multiple iCloud Accounts in one place. Find Directions to the location of device and walk/drive to it. (integrated with Google Maps Navigation). Has the most iCloud features than any other app in this category ★ In addition you can Play Sound or enable Lost Mode in devices, Erase Device data and Send Messages remotely from this app. ★ Integrated with Google maps app for advanced navigation to iDevices. ★ You can send messages to your other iDevices through this app. This feature will be very helpful for sending messages to family members. International language format (symbols) text messages supported. ★ Uses iCloud credentials. Connects to iCloud server directly (no browsers involved). ★ Optimized for speed. Within few seconds you can find all your devices location. ★ Integrated with Google maps for finer details. ★ Displays device located time stamp and Battery percentage and charging status per device. ★ Can select map view type (Normal/Satellite/Terrain view). ★ Please take a look at screenshots. Try it out. if you have any discomfort with this app we will refund you at any time. We always appreciate your feedback. If you have any suggestions or feature request feel free to email us. FAQs:, iCloud, iPad, iPhone, macbook, Find my iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The author of this app is not related to Apple in any way.
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